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To change the time on most M-ICS and C-ICS systems:  Enter FEATURE * * TIME [8463] or FEATURE * * ADMIN [23646] and the password is ADMIN [23646] unless changed.

Document Library

DocumentBCM4.0 telephone features
DocumentBCMfaq brochure
DocumentBCMfeatures brochure
DocumentBCM features card
DocumentBCM handbook
DocumentBCM model numbers
DocumentBCMphones brochure
DocumentBCMVM brochure
DocumentBCMBCM200-400 series
DocumentBCMBCM400 config guide v3.0
DocumentBCM400Engineering Guide
DocumentBCM450faq brochure 2
DocumentBCM450information 1
DocumentBCM450information 2
DocumentBCM450Features User Guide
DocumentBCM450presentation ppt
DocumentBCM50system overview
DocumentBCM50 Quick Start Guide
DocumentBCM50tech specs
DocumentBCMBatt BU specs 1
DocumentBCMBatt BU specs 2
DocumentBCMplanning 5.0 eng
DocumentC-ICSfeature card
DocumentICSPortfolio 1
DocumentICSportfolio 2
DocumentM-ICS6.0 Feature Guide
DocumentM-ICS7.0 Installation Guide
DocumentM-ICS7.0 System Coordinator Guide
DocumentM-ICSfeature card
DocumentM-ICSProgramming Record 6.0
DocumentNortelNRU11 user guide
DocumentNortelAlarm Event Code Manual
DocumentNortelfastrad installation
DocumentNortelfeature codes
DocumentNortelProgramming Overlay
DocumentNortelSMDR user guide
DocumentNortelCompatibilities Chart 2002
DocumentPhonesDigital Mobility
DocumentPhonesaudio conf unit UG
DocumentPhonesbusiness terminal series
DocumentPhones1100 IP series
DocumentPhones2000 IP series
DocumentPhones2000 IP series photos
DocumentPhones2007 IP brochure
DocumentPhonesi2004 IP user guide
DocumentPhonesIP phones
DocumentPhones1140E IP data sheet
DocumentPhonesT7316 user guide
DocumentPhonesT7406 brochure
DocumentPhonesT7406E brochure
DocumentPhonestelephones brochure
DocumentVMCallPilot Messaging brochure
DocumentVMCallPilot 4.0 Product Brief
DocumentVMCallPilot ref card NVM
DocumentVMCallPilot 150 brochure
DocumentVMCallPilot ref BCM
DocumentVMCallPilot 150 desktop mess quick ref
DocumentVMCallPilot 150 Quick Start
DocumentVMCallPilot FAX setup
DocumentVMFlash maint manual
DocumentVMFLASH set up guide
DocumentVMFLASH ref guide
DocumentVMNAM 4.0 setup guide
DocumentVM NAM 4.0 add on S/W
DocumentVMNAM 4.0 install
DocumentVMNAM 4.0 reference guide
DocumentVMNAM access
DocumentVMNAM s/w upgrade
DocumentVMStartalk Flash
DocumentVM Unified BCM4.0 config
DocumentVMCallPilot unified mess MO user guide
DocumentVMUnified Messaging install/Maint