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MW Telecom provides sales, design, custom installation and service to all AVAYA, Lucent and AT&T key systems as well as their associated voice mails in and out of production.

Systems: AVAYA-Nortel key phone system products,AVAYA IP500 and IP400 series, AVAYA/Lucent/AT&T Partner and IP Office systems,  AVAYA/Lucent/AT&T Merlin systems [Classic, Legend, Magix],  Lucent, AT&T Spirit systems.

Phones: All AVAYA IP phones, Partner 6D, 18D, 34D & MLS series phones, Merlin BIS-series phones, Magix 44-series, Spirit and many others.

Voice Mail: All Partner voice mails [Partner Mail, Voice Mail VS, Partner Messaging, PC Card VM] and Merlin equivalents.