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To change the time on an AVAYA Partner system: 1. FEATURE 00 from ext. 10 or 11 2. Press left intercom twice 3. enter #103 and enter time in 24 hour format 4. FEATURE 00 to exit and you are done. [Use #101 to correct the date if required.] 

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DocumentIP Office7.0 installation
DocumentIP Office1603 user guide
DocumentIP Office4610 userguide
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DocumentIP Office1608 User Guide
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DocumentIP Office5400 series IP phones
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DocumentIP Office9600 series IP phones
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DocumentIP OfficeIP500 Legacy Card Carrier
DocumentIP OfficeDesktop Comm Solutions
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DocumentIP OfficeIP office messaging brochure
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DocumentIP Office4.0 softconsole feature guide
DocumentIP Officesoftconsole user guide
DocumentIP OfficeR1 system administrator guide
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DocumentIP OfficeIP Office MOH Installation
DocumentIP Office 5410 5420 user guide
DocumentIP Office5620 quick start
DocumentIP OfficeIP Office
DocumentIP OfficeIP office at a glance
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DocumentMERLIN 206 410 820 fp2
DocumentMERLINMERLIN 206 410 820 user guide
DocumentMERLINMagix R3 Quick Ref
DocumentMERLINMERLIN plus user guide R2
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DocumentPartnerACS R5 Remote Admin
DocumentPartnerACS R6 programming issue 6
DocumentPartnerACS R7 Brochure with hot babe
DocumentPartnerACS R7 PC admin
DocumentPartnerACS R7 programming issue 6
DocumentPartnerACS R7 quick ref issue 6
DocumentPartnerACS R8 Brochure
DocumentPartnerACS R8 customer support
DocumentPartnerACS R8 new features
DocumentPartnerACS R8 quick ref issue 7
DocumentPartnerACS R8 IP user issue 7
DocumentPartnerACS R8 PC admin issue 6
DocumentPartnerACS R8 planner
DocumentPartnerACS unified messaging TECH
DocumentPartnerMATRIX legacy
DocumentPartnermessaging flowchart
DocumentPartnerMessaging RS232
DocumentPartnerMessaging VS R5.0
DocumentPartnerMessaging Brochure
DocumentPartnerMessenger User Guide
DocumentPartnerMessaging Matrix legacy
DocumentPartnerMessaging R1 quick ref
DocumentPartnerMessaging R1 user guide
DocumentPartnerMessaging R6 quick ref
DocumentPartnerMessaging R7 quick ref
DocumentPartnerMessaging R7 Sys Admin issue 3
DocumentPartnerMessaging Unified Messaging
DocumentPartnerMessaging Unified Install
DocumentPartnerMessaging user guide
DocumentPartnerMessaging user guide issue 2
DocumentPartner Messaging Voice Mess PC Card
DocumentPartner3810-3910 Cordless Phone
DocumentPartner3920 cordless phone brochure
DocumentPartner3920 cordless phone planner
DocumentPartner3920 cordless phone user guide
DocumentPartner9040 cordless phone notes
DocumentPartner9040 cordless phone quick ref
DocumentPartnerPhones Brochure
DocumentPartnerPhones LKA10 Headset
DocumentPartnerPhone User Guide 2
DocumentPartnerPhone User Guide 1
DocumentIP Office3641-3645 wireless
DocumentIP OfficeIP telephony guide 3.0
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DocumentSpiritTech Doc D
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